Welcome to the Müggelschlößchen!
Located in Bölschenstraße, Müggelschlößchen offers a large selection of hot and cold dishes from East and Southeast Asian cuisine. With the long gastronomic history of the house we continue the tradition of fine cuisine.
Each dish has its very own tradition, which makes it varied and exotic.
For lovers of Japanese cuisine, the menu features sushi creations in all its facets. Apart from exceptionally good sushi and sashimi, there are many other authentic Japanese dishes on offer – a delicious ensemble of high quality and aesthetics the knows to combine the elegance of this culture. In the vital cuisine from Vietnam, fresh herbs and exotic spices combine harmoniously with regional vegetables, meat or fish and fragrant rice or noodles.
In the Thai cuisine, fiery curry meets mild coconut and form the perfect basis for the aromatic culinary art.
Bright rooms decorated with treasures of another time, makes you feel like dining royally at a castle. There is also a seating area in the winter garden and on the terrace in summer. Either come for a small lunch or in large groups, we are pleased to serve you freshly prepared the finest of the Asian classics.
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